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Anniversary is just as addicting. The graphics and engine of Legend, with the story and locations of the original. It's the perfect Tomb Raider.

And let's be honest, Indy games haven't been that great. Sure FOA is very good, but the rest are "meh". Both Infernal Machine and Emperor's Tomb have their high points...but the low's outweigh the high's. Although I'll never tire of throwing bad guys off cliffs and roofs in ET...

That's not saying that the Tomb Raider series is flawless. TR3 and Chronicles bored the hell out of me. Taking Lara out of the tombs and into urban locations is not my style of TR.

And (even though it had a lot of urban locations) I've enjoyed what I've played of Angel of Darkness. I just recently bought it, after being scared of the horrible reviews. Sure the gameplay isn't very tight, but the story is kinda compelling. It has more of a Dan Brown novel feel than an adventure feel.

For what it's worth (which is nothing):
I'd give the TR games an average of 8.0.
I'd give the Indy games an average of 7.0.

Both have room for improvement (see Uncharted: Drake's Fortune for setting the bar). If they made an Indy game in the style of Uncharted (meaning making it more of a movie...since that IS what Indiana Jones games are inspired by), the Indy games could be a force to be reckoned with.
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