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Originally Posted by Montana Smith
James Kahn's novelization may hold the answer:
Indeed, that's what the novel says but I can't see anything that resembles the plank's carved design near the altar nor anywhere in the main chamber. (Although it does have a skull that looks quite like the one engraved into the doors of the sacrificial pit.) Check out the photo in the "Complete Making of" book for a better look at the plank.
Originally Posted by Sakis
The picture is spread across 2 pages but the one side covers a whole page while the covers about 1/4. And yes I did used some photoshop.

As for your question Montana Smith has already answered that.
Unfortunately, he didn't. (No offense to Montana Smiffy.) Extra details in the novel don't always match up with what is seen in the film. I'm wondering if maybe the plank was taken from inside the mines since Indy & Co. had to go back there in order to free the children before returning to the main chamber for their escape.

I can see where you fixed the photo. The white blobs that run down vertically on the right side of the picture (in the proper, flipped version above) just to the left of the top torch down to the break in the plank.
Originally Posted by Sakis
Get back to that book of yours you still have a lot to learn.
Not as much as some other people who like to hang out at The Raven.
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