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Originally Posted by Rocket Surgeon
It may be the same pic, (the internet is incestuous), though I didn't pluck it from The Since this conversation heated up, I've been looking through various bookmarks for the link. I will post it when I find it, however it's from a site I stumbled upon which was host to a well of Paramount Pictures stills. I'm affraid until I recover it, I can't explain it any goes on.
Without any doubt, it is indeed the same picture. The site you found it on took the image (and most likely the b&w one, too) from How do I know? They both share the same tell-tale signs of Sakis' Photoshop job where he joined the 2 pages together:

Originally Posted by Rocket Surgeon
Since this conversation heated up...
Would be nice if there was more conversation. How sad is it that "Whatcha playin? (In Video Games Wise.)", "Random Picture Thread" and "Post your desktop" have more activity than the subject of deleted scenes? The younger "What r u eating?" thread even has double the amount of hits as this one. Pathetic.
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