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Originally Posted by Stoo
The biggest "McGuffin Problem" is a misunderstanding of term. A "MacGuffin" is supposed to be a 'thing' that the characters pursue but has no effect on the overall story, regardless of what it is (unlike Indiana Jones movies). Many people don't realize that the 'thing' is not important to the outcome.

But seeing as Lucas is one of those not "realizing" that, isn't the original Hitchcockian use irrelevant? The Grail isn't some secret microfilm the audience doesn't care about. In the Indy films, they have thematic resonance and they determine where the film takes place. What can be more important?

Originally Posted by Stoo
We already have threads about possible artifacts for Indy 5. Do we really need ANOTHER one?

It's a different framing of the issue. I'll allow it.
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