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Indiana Jones 5 Vietnam setting + rough story idea

Due to the current drought of any news (as there will be for the next couple of years) I have been thinking about how the next Indiana Jones could work with its setting and story as well as continuity.

The one setting that I really like the sound of is the Vietnam War. Hear me out. The film could be set anywhere (at least with my ideas) between 1965 and 1975 (though I am fairly certain 1969 is as far forward in time as Spielberg and Koepp would set it) and would involve Indy hunting for a Buddhist relic of some kind in Vietnam and Cambodia. I was thinking that the Cintamani Jewel would be a good MacGuffin as it is Buddhist in origin and is supposedly located in the mystical city of Shambhala (I reckon Indy needs a good lost city as a final location after the slightly lacklustre El Dorado in KOTCS).

Now for the continuity and story. One of the major problems Indy 5 will have is how to deal with Mutt. I was thinking that he could have volunteered for the Vietnam War (which is very much in his rebellious character). While serving he is chosen for a special mission to investigate a supposed lost city (that is being used as a VC command centre) with his platoon. However en route to its supposed location his platoon is ambushed and all but three (him, a sergeant and another private) are killed. They are then taken prisoner by the Viet Cong and Mutt is handed over to the Soviets when his identity is discovered (through his dog tags).

The US government then approach Indy to find the lost city and the Cintamani Jewel (they didn't tell Mutt and his platoon about the city's significance) as they suspect the Soviets are trying to find and harness its power (maybe could create a kind of super-nuke? Sounds cheesy but could work) and the US must get there first. When Indy refuses, they tell him that his son is MIA in the same area after being sent on a recon patrol to find the city.

That's all I've got at the moment but I just wondered what you guys thought about it!
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