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Originally Posted by Barnett College
I uploaded the video in Vimeo. If anyone can't watch the movie in youtube, be so kind of clicking this link.

WOW!! Great video. I must say Spielberg and team did a fantastic job of taking the modern out of that city. I didn't expect it to seem so modern. (I mean, in that way that Cairo is modern, with the pyramids at the end of a busy, car/truck filled street.)

Funny how the market areas look very much the same, except with more sunglasses.

Did you get any shots inside the Marhaba bar? I believe the interiors were filmed on site there. Weren't they?

What I'd love to see is your video with clips mixed in from the films. Do you plan to do that? Perhaps another industrious Ravener could be given the opportunity.

Who were your guides? Do all the (older) locals know the locations? Did those guys know, or did they just piece it together based on your (amazing) personal guidebook?

Interesting to see some locations separated by some distance in the film, but shot side by side during production, like Omar's Garage.

Gives me all the more respect for the filmmakers.

GREAT work! And a lot of fun to watch. Now I must find an excuse to go to Tunisia...

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