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Originally Posted by Rumpled Fedora
I decided to start another poll so here it goes...

What Indy Games do you own right now?
I have:
Indiana Jones & the Emperor's Tomb (Xbox)
Indiana Jones & the Infernal Machine (PC)
Indiana Jones & his Greatest Adventures (SNES)
and a demo of Indiana Jones Desktop Adventures (PC)

Just for kicks I've played IM on N64, some ROMs of Indy games on PC and NES, and I've seen the ToD arcade game at a movie theater once. I don't remember what theater and I didn't have change to play it...

So uh, how about you all?

Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb [PS2]
Indiana Jones Greatest Adventures [SNES]
Lego Indiana Jones:The Original Adventures [PS2]
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis [PC]
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