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I want the clutter-free, cinematic, over-the shoulder presentation of Dead Space. And I want it to look that good, too. And it has to be a long game to make up for all the time we waited for the next gen game that we were promised and got SOK. And as long as we're dreaming, I want HF to do the voice-acting.
Two ideas, basically.

The first one: "Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine", only with next generation graphics and features. That baby was definitely the best Indy game of all time (yes, I even prefer it to "Fate of Atlantis", and I truly think it was the only Indy story that was worth the first three films... damn, why didn't they use THAT for "Indy IV" ) and having it remade would just be one Hell of a move.

The second one: a brand new graphical adventure, similar to "Fate of Atlantis", but with ultra high quality pre-rendered graphics in the style of Benoit Sokal games (Syberia, Paradise, and so on).
If done well - current 3D engines should be capable of moving an almost photorealistic environment with not too much trouble, think of games such as Gears Of War or Uncharted - they could also integrate the graphical adventure with some big 3D action sequences, quick time events or things like that, just to bring in the feel of a real, spectacular Indiana Jones adventure movie on your PC.

These are my 2 cents.
well my dream game would be simple , just a three d version of the four movies. kinda what the rouge squadron games for gamecube did where they had missions based on the star wars movies , just have them do it to the indy movies have him him start with the temple of doom fight laoche and his goons and then avoiding mountians cliffs in the airplane , and then going to pankot palace and defeating mola ram and thuggee guards, then have him go to the peruvian temple and and get the idol and have it stolen by belloq and escape the hovitos, and then go to tanis and fight nazis and get the ark and then got through the last crusade movie and then go through kotcs, that would be an awesome game and you can choose who else you want to be in certian scenes; marion , sallah, henry jones sr., mutt , you name it ,that would be something to play and they could expand the game a bit more by having add scenes . that would be my dream game
I think the perfect Indy game would have to have a film quality original story, a powerful artifact that would send Indy across the globe, high adventure, and plenty of thrills. I really want an Indy game that can give Uncharted a run for its money.

The graphics are secondary to me I think they should focus on the story, the charaters, and the gameplay.
These. An Indy game has to be highly polished, with great presentation, story, graphics, acting-everything. It has to feel like it could be on the big screen. Given the success of games like Uncharted, I can't imagine why LucasArts wouldn't be pursuing this.
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