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I think Uncharted rightfully owns the treasure hunting and action scene in third person gaming.
That's why I think the next Indy game should take a different approach.
First Person Adventure.
Anyone played or seen Condemed 2? It's like a first person detective game with plenty of combat by hand-to-hand or gunplay. It is not, however, a first person shooter as ammo for guns is scarce leaving you to fight with broken bottles, legs from chairs and even toilet seats(?).

Point is, this game did well critically and is pretty unique with most other (all) first person games being all about guns blazing. I think it would be the perfect blend of exploration heavy gameplay and close up, melee fights.
I can already imagine some iconic game moments: if the player looks directly down he will see Indy's waist down view showing all of his gear and apparel. Accessing the game's inventory system would actually point the camera to view the inside of Indy's bag.

Free exploration, within a level, would play out reminiscent of games like Elder Scrolls or Fallout 3.

Hell, a full game wouldn't even have to be created. If someone skilled enough would just make a conversion for Elder Scrolls or Fallout then that would suffice.
Man, I can only dream.
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