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I am a big fan of Darabont's work but he does come off as a whiner. Scripts are rewritten all the time. Especially films of this size get many rewrites. If his ideas are a significant part of the film he should get a credit. But it does not sound like he really knows what is in the film or not. He's just hearing it second hand.

First he was complaining that he wasted a year...and now he is trying to take credit for it....which means he did not waste that year, huh???? I predicted he would do this when he last spoke on this subject!

I think it will be interesting to hear what Spielberg says about Darabont's script. HE is bound to be questioned intensely about that when he give interviews for the fan based press next year. He certainly will not say Darabont's was better than what they shot. I have always maintained that Lucas took the blame for this because he does not seem to care what anyone thinks of him, while Steven certainly does care. If he wanted to direct that version it would have happened and George would have gone along with it.
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