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Originally Posted by Rocket Surgeon
It's kind of funny how people who "love it" only post in the hate thread though...

Maybe because a lot of us never realized this one existed. It was comatose for almost two years!

Originally Posted by Rocket Surgeon
Cheers! There are many things that keep Temple off the junk heap. But it was similar to how they responded to Planet of the Apes. Even though it made money they began to "go cheap" on the sequel/prequel...from axing the London Symphony, to cutting development time. The list goes on. Thankfully, Indy's shoulders were broad enough to carry the extra weight.

Harrison's Indy is the consistent factor. Shoulders broad enough also to keep KOTCS from completely sinking.

It doesn't make much sense for a follow-up to a successful movie to have less love bestowed upon it by it's creators . The Apes were a good example of diminishing production input and cash. They could use the excuse that by the end of the second film they'd written themselves into a corner, and Heston didn't even want to be a part of that movie in the first place.

There's little excuse for TOD being perceived as a lesser project. The star was still there, as were the main creative force. We know that production was beset by difficulties, both personal and political.

Though, through it all, there is Indy. And a story that was strangely compelling, and one that left me wanting more, and wanting to know more.
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