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Enough is Enough! I have "cracked the case" on my own Indiana Jones 5 script

After waiting forever for news on Indy 5 - and raking way to many leaves - I have had a brainstorm. As much as Shia has said in the past that he talked with Steven Speilberg and they had "cracked the idea" for Indy 5 - there has been little news of late. But after watching the cats and crew of the fan film "Indiana James and the Lost Shaker of Salt" and seeing their passion and fandom for continuing the legacy of Indiana Jones with their own film - I said sure why not - if you want something done - do it yourself.
So the idea for this one is its' 1961... A certain political leader is obsessed with finding Exacilber, the fable sword of King Arthur. The search actually began in the 1940s and the sword was recovered by his brother but was lost when his brother was killed on a mission in WW2.

Now the US Government recruits legendary "obtainer of rare antiquities" the retired professor Indiana Jones - who has settled down and has decided to begin writing tales of his past adventures. Indy turns them down, but they ask his son Henry "Mutt" Jones III to do it - which he agrees to do. Indy is urged by Marion to go with him as Mutt might not be "up to the challenge". Reluctantly, Indy does go - but Indy senses something odd about this quest. It seems they might be on the wrong side... because whoever finds the sword will lead the world - an occupation that may be just too much for any one man.

After a search through the jungles of VietNam, Indy meets up with Chinese and Russian adventurers - also seeking the sword for their respective governments - through a series of chases - globe trotting - aboard subs, and a climatic ending at the North Pole - Indy recovers the sword - but when he realizes that President Kennedy is acting very "power" mad to obtain the sword - and when he gets it in his hands he acts insane and talks about ruling the world. Indy sees that he is almost in the same shoes as his old rival Belloq was - when Belloq was working for Hitler who was obsessed with finding the Ark. Indy confronts Kennedy and convinces him to release Excaliber. The two come to the realization that the sword is too powerful for anyone on earth to wield. Kennedy surrenders the sword agrees with doctor Jones and says he will just have to take his chances and run the country without any mystical power protecting him. He tells Indy it would take a man of with a :strong arm" and pure spirit to wield the sword of power and there is no one on Earth who can fit that bill. He assures Indy that Excaliber will be placed somewhere safe from mankind.

Indy returns to his home and Marion - he patches things up with Mutt - who agrees that treasure hunting is a bit much for him. We pass by years later as Indy is finishing one of his last adventure novels and he leaves it open as what the late President Kennedy did with Excaliber. Did he through it back into the sea/lake like the knights of old did when King Arthur died?

We cut to the moon landing where Neil Armstrong is getting ready to leave the surface of the Moon and the sea of tranquility. He removes a long box from the landing craft and when asked by Buzz Aldrin "whats in the box" - he says he doesn't know but it was President Kennedy's wish that it be left on the moon away from the hands of man. Inside is the sword of King Arthur left to gather Moondust in a crater.

The End.
How is that for a far out story - George Lucas - call me! It would work in Harrison Ford's age - have a legendary artifact - tie in the space race and 1960s - and having Indy working for a "bad guy" would be a cool twist... If anyone wants to help me start writing the screenplay - shoot me an email -- what do you thing -- too far out? was I breathing in too much leaf dust?
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