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Originally Posted by The_Raiders
Of course those games would fail on the market. Like I said the majority of games just need to stay games and that's how he should get the entertainment he craves from them. Hell play them over and over. Or as you said, write a fanfic. The movies based of video games should stand as an example as to why you should not make games anything other than what they are.
KH was a horrible stupid game. I have afew friends who enjoyed it but I've never liked it, nor have I come to completely comprehend it, and nor do I want to. A kid with a big key for a weapon.
I've never liked anime at all. And yes, if he doesn't like whats on Disney, just don't watch it.


I really don't get why he feels the need to baaaaaw on here. Assuming we care.

I love Gradius and Salamander. Salamander had an OAV, but it don't need to be an animated series.

I always thought RC was younger for his age. The way he acts.
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