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Originally Posted by JasonMa
I think earlier adventures in the 20's could work, as long as their earlier adventures and not a prequel.

What I mean by that is that a whole new story of Indy looking for some artifact in 1926 is fine. I don't want to see "Here's how Indy and Marion met" or "Here's the first time Indy and Belloq crossed paths" or Here's where Indy and Forrestal first competed for the same discovery".

Its fine to work in some setting up of what we saw in the original 3 movies (he partners with Sallah who he already knows, or Short Round, or talks to a younger Brody who's not yet running the museum) but the story can't be focused on setting up the relationships we already know about.

That's my greatest fear about the Han Solo movie. Its going to be a checklist. Save Chewie's life, meet Lando, win the Falcon from Lando, etc. instead of a new story.

I share those same fears. Just give us a great story and let our imaginations run wild with the rest. We don't need a film about Indy and Abner's relationship or how Indy and Belloq first met. It was fine for Last Crusade's opening but an entire film of things like that would be too much.
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