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Originally Posted by TheFedora

There have been at least four or five scriptwriters attached to this project over the years, with Mark Boal being the latest. Boal has only four credits to his name -- I've seen two of them. Guess which! -- but they're all heavily dramatic outings. It seems to be an odd choice for a rather light-hearted action-adventure romp, but even odder given the complete contrast with the the current choice for director.

I'll say it again, though: It really isn't that hard to put one of these types of movies together. I don't have any direct insight into Sony's thought process, but the core of a movie is there. If Drake's Fortune is going to be adapted to the screen, then they only really need to work on the villain's reveal. Everything else is already in place.

The really interesting news from this new announcement, however, is that Chris Pratt was offered the role of Nathan Drake and passed on it.

Just gender swap it already!

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