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Originally Posted by Le Saboteur
Briefly speaking, very few actors are as versatile as they would like to believe. Pratt, as (un)fortunate as it may be, is another of those that won't be doing any heavy dramatic lifting. He should enjoy his new found leading man status.

That said, Pratt passing on the role can be summed up in one one word, time. Sony understandably wants an Uncharted flick in production as soon as feasibly possible, but they don't have a script they (or Marky Mark?) like(s) and it'll be about six months before Mr. Boal has something to show for his efforts given his current obligations. On that timetable, production won't commence until nine-months to a year out and Pratt will be knee deep in the next Guardians flick by then. Marvel's output means that they head back into filming almost immediately after the last production has ended (and why a lot of actors are unwilling to sign up).

If Sony had their ducks lined up, I'm almost certain that Pratt would have jumped at the role.

I dunno, we haven't even seen him in JW yet, and he's said he plays that quite straight. We should wait for that to come out to see if he really isn't meant for varied roles. I can believe he has range.
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