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I'm really starting to get worried about the current situation with these latest Hollywood action/adventure blockbusters, 'cause I personally think that as of now the business is kind of lacking the right personalities. Simply put, there are no more Harrisons, no more Bruce Willises, no more Kurt Rusells, Mel Gibsons, Stallones, Tom Cruises, whatsoever. They are all getting too old to continue doing this kind of movies for long, and the new generation just doesn't have the faces nor the talents. To my eyes, there are really no more actors nowadays to decently play these iconic action roles in the near future. When I wrote about Sam Worthington, last time, I was not joking. I personally consider him to be one of the very few guys in Hollywood that could still be believable as action heroes. And one of the very few guys that actually have the roughness and charisma to pull it off. Others just don't.

Mark Whalberg. Bradley Cooper. Chris Pratt. Nathan Fillion. Name any other. I think they would all be plain terrible casting choices, and none of them could look other than irritating in the role of Drake. This whole situation is getting damn stale, because as far as I know the Uncharted movie is the only Indiana Jones style adventure film that's being planned up for the next four or five years at least. And to screw that up badly would be a gargantuan mistake. I'm worried.
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