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Originally Posted by Moedred
Aquaman sux uh hur dur!

Man, that would one hell of movie if Aquaman could control Cthulhu.

To be fair though, Aqualad is pretty swell in the first season of Young Justice. I also hear that Aquaman's redo in DC's The New 52 is, well, awesome.

I want to meet the marketing genius who decided that putting four episodes on each disc was appropriate. The entire first season should have been on three discs tops, not five. Money, money, money! Money!

With Latino Review allegedly scooping the final casting on Warner Bros' Justice League movie, I can't help but notice the marketing department's heavy hand in the (possible) decision.

To wit, Superman, The Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (five gets you ten that it's John Stewart), & The Flash get the nod. No Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, or Aquaman. Or any of the dozens of other heroes who have suited up for the League over the years.

Put Captain Marvel in it. Really screw with the casual fan's head.

Originally Posted by featofstrength
And I dont want the Marvel VS DC fight to spill into the movies...

I am quite surprised that Warner Bros. has taken this long to get anything off the ground. They're getting steamrolled @ the Box Office by Disney-Marvel. They're represented fairly well in the home entertainment industry, but somebody really dropped the ball in the film production department.

Doubt anybody gets a break from the genre for a lo-ong while either. Nerds have a lot of money to spend these days.
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