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Originally Posted by Indy86
Got to admit I remember Dinosaur Eggs and the Feathered Snake. But Dinosaur Eggs more. It's been about two years now since I've read those. But was disappointed with the Philosopher's Stone from McCoy. Maybe a second read will make me see it otherwise.

However back on MacGregor. I liked his novelization of Last Crusade though. Delphi is the first one I've read in years from him. I had about fifteen books fifteen years ago and I read them all but can barely remember them. About a year or two ago, I found six others and this year the remaining two. So I have them all now. But if this is MacGregor's writing style: no action, slow-paced... this is going to be a lot harder. I intend to read it according the timeline so I have to get through the Unicorn's Legacy, Dance of the Giants and the Seven Veils first. I hope I can remain interested enough because I'm rather curious to Deirdre.

I could be wrong (it's been a while since I've read these books) but I believe the timeline goes according to publishing history: Peril at Delphi, Giants, Veils, Deluge, Legacy, World, Witch, Pirates, Stone, Earth, Eggs, Sphinx.

I know the McCoy books were released in the correct order: they all have the Crystal Skull thread to tie them together.
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