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Originally Posted by Moedred
Shooting wrapped in October, but according to rumors reshoots have "remade" the film twice, and they're not done.

Denial, by producer Charles Roven:

“The reality is we are in the midst of trying to schedule the only additional photography that we’ve been trying to schedule. We haven’t done any additional photography up to this point…Since we’ve wrapped, there’s been no additional photography. Since we’ve wrapped, what there was was motion capture, or what we call facial capture, so we did one round of facial capture, and another mini-round of facial capture. You use facial capture if you have a CG character, you do facial capture in order to give a real performance into that CG character. An example of it would be Avatar.”

I'm inclined to believe him. If there were extensive reshoots happening over the last year, we would have known about it while it was going on and not after the fact. They can't keep that kind of crap secret, especially not if its as extensive as the rumor claimed.

I mean after all the personal life stuff Ben Affleck's been through over the last year he couldn't walk to his car without getting snapped by paparazzi, but he's supposed to have been secretly filming extensive reshoots to one of his highest profile movies without anyone knowing until now? Really?
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