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Originally Posted by Finn
Yes, because it's so much easier and less time-consuming to erect all those long lines of poles and draw wires rather than dot the landscape with a handful of towers.

Seriously, the wireless technology is something the so-called third world has been perhaps even quicker to adopt than us civilized, mighty whiteys.
I'm aware of this and, indeed, you are right but only to a certain degree. The reason I singled out that particular photo is because it's not an image commonly seen in travel magazines, etc.

Anyway, what do *you* think of Goodknight's pretty pictures?
Originally Posted by Goodeknight
Yes, and it's up top because it's my favorite pic from the trip.
'Tis a good one, Goodie. Your 2nd photo is actually my favourite (for the subject matter, asymmetry, colour and movement). Now THAT type of photo is something you'd see in a travel magazine.

Remembering the thread: Going to Kenya in Feb., this obviously wasn't your 1st time. Was this trip for work, vacation or what?

I had planned to go with some friends many years ago but was forced to back out due to the lack of cash at the time.
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