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Originally Posted by Raiders112390
Meaning, like, the expectation was for something on par overall with the original three, but we got something different. When ToD came out it got flak for being different. To the extent that Spielberg made LC much more akin to Raiders to "apologize" for Temple.
It's always bizarre how Indy fans born in the '90s (or later) try to matter-of-factly explain reception of the sequels as if experienced firsthand. When "Doom" came out, I don't recall the "flak for being different". It was criticized for being too violent & gory...but being different from "Raiders"?*

*That point could be argued but this isn't really the thread for it.

You wrote, "What we got was more Temple of Doom" (as if it's an automatic, universal opinion) when you probably meant "What YOU got." Apart from its sci-fi/alien angle, "Crystal Skull" is no different from "Raiders" or "Crusade". It's the same ol' bag...set by "Raiders", repeated in "Crusade" and regurgitated for "Skull".

What I'm sayin' is try to hold back on the "we" business, my friend.
Originally Posted by Raiders112390
I'm sure if I was to dig around I could find people who before KOTCS came out were expecting something mega epic on par with like, Fate of Atlantis.
Sure you could dig around but you don't.

"Mega epic"? Like I said, those people were "incredibly naive or extremely stupid". Anyone who thought Indy 4 was going to live up to the original trilogy was living in a dream world. It's rare for a 4th entry in a series to equal or surpass the former output. We're talkin' naive, baby. Super Naive.

And…hey…since when was "Fate of Atlantis" part of the "original 3"?
Originally Posted by Raiders112390
KOTCS and ToD are for me on the same level of quality. I thought you liked KOTCS, Stoo?
Put it his way, I don't HATE "Crystal Skull" but it's last in line, right behind "Crusade".
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