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I love the movie! I grew up with the originals and I love them. They are a very important movies in my life, they have inspired me much. But I don't consider fair the treat to Indy 4 on the majority of the net.

As for me, I enjoyed the film, I clapped, I laughed, I was thrilled and I felt sensations I thought were lost in the cinema world. Sure the film is not like the others (I think it doesn't pretend either). And sure the film is not as perfect as the others and it has some up and downs along the minutes... but... anyway, the good weights much more than the bad for me. I think Harrison was wonderful, I love the Area 51 sequence and I really enjoy this film every time I see it. I prefer have this movie than not to have it. I'm really glad with what Indy 4 was.
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