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Originally Posted by Le Saboteur
I thought I was pretty clear: So, yeah, if anybody here is interested in fleshing out their collection of Hong Kong action movies, here's a sampling of some of the better movies in my collection:
What? Oh, did I come across as demeaning somehow? Never my intention, I was simply commenting on the two Hong Kong flicks I recalled seeing and their possible connections to Sleeping Dogs and video games in general.

Guess I'll have to do my best sheepish old Chinaman impression now. "Apologies, but your language, this Engrish... how do you say it... difficult."

Originally Posted by Le Saboteur
I've seen Stranglehold in stores, but haven't picked it up. Curiosity may eventually get the better of me.
Give it a shot, especially if it's up for a budget price. I don't think it was anything to leave a lasting impression, but fun enough romp for a single playthrough. It's probably best treated as a straight-to-dvd sequel to Hard Boiled, definitely made easier by the fact that Chow Yun-Fat "reprises" his role as Tequila, in both likeness and voice.

Originally Posted by Montana Smith
Limiting in that who knows if they're going to be able to slap the disc into their machine on a given day! Which was why some of those players said they were changing their system dates.
It's not limited to any single year though, so I guess an optimist could view it as the ultimate solution in replay value.
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