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Really, I rather liked that episode, especially since it was the first Young Indy episode I ever watched. Since this was released on DVD and VHS uncut (or at least I hope it's like that), it had the real and not the fake re-edited look with it.

The brilliant cinematography, with the African vegetation and wildlife, caught my attention immediately and the action was brilliant, too. Ok, some of the characters were somewhat annoying, but this wasn't that bad. The second part was better than the first, no doubt, but I still think it was quiet good.
Von Lettow is a great character and even though he can be considered the villain of the episode he had some depth and he wasn't a really bad person, after all. This toilet paper thing was kinda stupid too but it made me smile (at least the first time when I watched it).

In the end, I would say it really isn't the best Young Indy episode, but still entertaining and interesting. I have to admit, I've never seen Oganga and I'm really looking forward to that film. I think I'll give the episode 4 out of 5 phantom trains.
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