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Originally Posted by Mickiana
You guys are hard to please (or convince)! Wouldn't have it any other way, though. Rocket, watch Limitless and see if that changes your perspective. I'm not saying it should or will. If his smugness has been getting to you, though, Limitless will not be helping you.
Ryan Reynolds was promising for a while, (not as Indy though) and it seems he was hired specifically for his smugness. Everyone embraced it and rode it hard...THAT's gotten tiresome. Cooper still has some elbow room, I wouldn't say he's a one trick pony but it's getting close. Harrison Fords brand of cocky has that element of pragmatism. I didn't know he learned carpentry from a book until much later, but its one of those things that comes out in his persona and his characters, that focus. It always came off like FU I've got things to do, whereas Cooper has developed the playboy entitlement side of his cockyness. One is about getting the job done, the other is I'm gonna have my fun. One is how I see Indy the other doesn't sell me.

Originally Posted by Mickiana
One thing Bradley Cooper doesn't have is Ford's deep voice. Ford's voice was a big plus.
I agree with that...
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