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Originally Posted by Stoo
I can't imagine this tour has as much as the one in the '70s. I was in Cairo 2 weeks ago and the death mask was there. There were a number of missing pieces (w/photo & note saying something akin to, "on traveling exhibit") but none of them seemed to be major items. In the early '90s I had seen a Ramses exhibit and saw all the mummies & Rosetta stone at the British Museum in London but was completely AWE-STRUCK by the museum in Cairo. It's incredible!

A few years ago, I did see a traveling egyptian exhibit from the British Museum in Victoria at the Royal British Columbia Museum. One of the more famouse pieces they brought was the little glass vase in the shape of a fish. I've seen photos of this in a number of books, but it was great to see the real thing up close. And, even though I was only 7 at the time, I remember seeing the Ramses exhibit at Expo 86 in Vancouver.

I would absolutey love to go to Cairo one day, but I'd like to see the political tensions/wars in the middle east to subside a little so it's a little safer to go. And then there's also my unemployment situation which I hope comes to an end soon and I can save up for a trip. A friend of mine went to the pyramids and a few sites along the Nile and also went over to see Petra in Jordan. He brought back some amazing photos. I hope I get the chance to go myself.
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