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Goonie, now that you mention it, the Ramses exhibit must have been summer '89 for me. You saw the fish, eh?

I can understand what you mean about seeing things up close & personal. To my naked eye, ALL the Tut stuff freaked me out in ways that I did not expect. There was a HUGE, coloured necklace in the shape of wings which must have had at least 200 faceted plates arranged to form the individual feathers. They were all held together by an intricate web of fine wire and loops. Stunning, splendorous and well fit for a king! Plus, despite all the photographs I've seen, the visit gave a much better idea on what the tomb looked like before being pillaged and that the "container" for King Tut was like a gigantic, Russian nesting doll...Mummy w/mask > sarcophogus > larger sarcophogus > large gold box > even larger gold box > even larger gold garage! They were displayed in order down a hallway leading up to the main exhibit (which is in it's own secure area). The golden chariot was also really great to see "in the flesh".

Two items of note about the British Museum and Cairo. 1) London has the real Rosetta Stone. Cairo has a replica! 2) London has a large collection of mummies (all sorts, like cats & even smaller animals) and the entire museum is free admission. In Cairo, there is an entrance fee plus an additional charge to see the mummies (and as Egypt thrives on toursim, I don't blame them).

All the power to you, Goonie! Hope you make it there one day. From my experience, Cairo 2009 is very tourist-friendly. I had an amazing trip but have always dreamed of going down into the Sudan to Khartoum, where the Nile splits. Now is not a good time.

But, yeah, any details on the current traveling Tut would be well worth posting. Photos are forbidden in Cairo and (I think) in London as well.
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