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Originally Posted by Stoo
The parting between Indy & Remy is even more sad after watching all the episodes consecutively.Yes, you can definitely hear a strain of the "Raiders March". It lasts only a couple of seconds but it's there. Nice catch! Nothing more to say about one of the best episodes?
There's so much! It's an EXCELLENT episode! From the way Rosa Klebb's weapon inspired the comedic elements, (really played out like Raider's Indy! ) to Anthony Daniels in Q Branch, both episodes were really well done.

Are there Old Indy bookends for these? I know they dropped them for some episodes. Want to see them.

At one point I considered "Fedora's" fedora lost...

Indy inspiring the change in color was well done. There were a few issues with his first escape but all in all a great entry.

HATE the opening title, NOT a fan of man ass and the digital effects are a bit grainy...minor quibbles.

The heavy German musical motif sounded as though it were taken directly from Last Crusade, though missing a few notes. Found myself filling them in.

Ben Burtt eh?
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