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Indy Hi everyone it's nice to be here...

Hi everyone it's nice to be here and meet you all on this great site.I am a very big indy fan and watch the films every chance i can get.My favorite would have to be Raiders.The storyline is great,the action is well packed for this film and you just feel like your with him on the screen everywhere he finds trouble.Now i have no gripes on the other 2 but they seemed like rushed film's.Raiders has many more characters and places the other 2 just never gave me to explore with indy.Temple of doom,i just could not get into a tale of 3 rocks setting darkness to an entire village and the torture on children for the evil purpose of a twisted minded mola ram.Last crusade was o.k. but with marcus and sallah?Those characters changed for the worst as the films went on.I love (sir)sean connery but raiders is watched much more than the other 2.thats why raiders of the lost ark will always be my favorite of all time..
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