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Originally Posted by Pale Horse
What about PBR?

Hilarious. I actually thought of Mr. Eastwood but decided to keep it liberal.

Originally Posted by Z dweller
So do I, but they were smart enough not to provide a "conclusive" answer in this sequel.

[In my best Walter Sobchak]I did not know that.

Originally Posted by Z dweller
Villeneuve himself said so in interviews even before the movie opened, and the story stands whether you choose to consider him human, or replicant.

See prior response. Honestly, knowing that now, I feel better. I wish I had known that going in because I would have enjoyed Ford's screen time more. I also missed the cues -- but I did pick up the symmetry with Batty.

Originally Posted by Z dweller
BTW, I loved Hoek's performance: she's terrifying, mysterious and sad at the same time.
Those Dutch sure make good replicants!

Agreed. Just don't get in a submarine with one of them.
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