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Originally Posted by Attila the Professor
I'm fairly ashamed to admit that I did not realize, until today, that this poster was not a Struzan. I knew about the multiple artists on Raiders, of course, but more or less assumed they went to a single-artist format on the remaining films, much as occurred with Back to the Future.
Really? Shame on you, Attila, for not recognizing the difference in style. Even an untrained eye should be able to tell that it's not Stuzan's work which is why it's so bizarre that Wolfe's work was incorrectly credited in the Topps cards (which I do not own...I only know of this error from Rocket's info in this thread). Then again, that comes as no surprise given the amount of errors in other, recent Indy products...

Because there is no signature on this poster, it was always a mystery to me as to who the artist was. Thanks to the collective folk here at The Raven, that mystery was solved *7* years ago (Feb. 2004) by VP (and reiterated by Shipwreck.) Temple of Doom... Struzan

...and again by Adam McDaniel in Dec. 2007: Who did the original Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Poster?
Originally Posted by Attila the Professor
The discrepancy Stoo mentions is a striking one. This poster is far from my favorite (I much prefer the montage style of poster, perhaps because they're a nearly dead art), and one can see why Struzan would get "most favored artist" status, but it's, if nothing else, hard to defend.
I don't have a high-res version of the Australian "Doom" poster but there seems to be a signature on that one as well. Very curious...

Bruce Wolfe really got that shaft in the "Complete Making of Indiana Jones" book, page #183. An extended, almost full, clean version (unblemished by text & the logo) is simply credited as: "Promotional artwork for the film".

Thank G_d, Rocket's upcoming interview will finally unleash some truths upon (a portion of) the Indy community.
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