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Stoo, what's on the burgers at L'Anecdote?

Goodeknight< i agree with everything you said about cooking up a good burger. Thanks for the tip on the seasoning. I will try that.

Here in Oz, burgers are important, but the honest to goodness old fashioned burger is not easy to find. Along with fish n chips, burgers were par for the course on days at the beach or picnics. There is a small chain here in Brisabane called Burger Urge who do make excellent gourmet burgers and charge for them. They are like a meal on a plate in that they are large enough that eating with hands is nigh impossible.

But for the homemade burger one can indulge anything they want. As well as the right patty (rissole) formula, the bread is important and whether toasting or not is personal preference or just how you feel at the time. I always like to butter the bread.

For a works burger, ingredients may include the meat (rissole or thin cut steak), sizzled bacon, fried egg, caramelised onion, sliced pickled beetroot, lettuce (iceberg or otherwise), sliced ripe tomato, a pineapple ring!, sliced cucumber, sliced cheddar cheese and preferred sauce, usually a good bbq one. And plenty of napkins, cos this things gonna be messy to eat!
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