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Originally Posted by Stoo
Are there any Finnish burger restaurant chains?
Well, there's Hesburger, though I've never found their products anything special. Homemade is usually my way.

If you wish to give their products a shot however... apart from good ol' Land of the Finns, they do seem to have some joints in Germany and around Eastern Europe as well. Don't know though whether rye burgers are on the menu on the southern side of the Baltic Sea.

In general, the map of burger chains are pretty sorry in these parts. Technically we have a choice between Hesburger or McDonald's, and a handful of local eateries in the bigger cities. Rye burgers have been a Hesburger staple for quite some time now, but incidentally, the local MCDs started serving them a few years back as well. The majority of the menus in both brands still consist of regular wheat bun burgers though, so it's not like rye dominates the market.

Albeit I know many people who prefer them, yours truly included.

Originally Posted by Stoo
Are BBQs popular in your corner of this beautiful Earth?
As a matter of fact, they are. We do have this culture of technically every family owning a summer retreat in the countryside (size ranging from small cottages to luxury villas) and BBQing is relatively common part of it. Some of the best meals I had just last summer was when we hit the coals with my dad at my parents' place.

Also, incidentally, I have some friends who have grills on their balconies. It is technically something that breaks the general safety regulations, but since it's somewhat customary, many people turn a blind eye to it.
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