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Here's the rest...

Indy strained to see the sun, but though the storm was still over the mountain, it had shifted and the sun was still obscured..."still light out but no telling for how long". Indy was stiff with years AND mileage now. The tree had taken Indy on a wild ride and taken him far, but the going now was slow, snow was deep, and Indy didn't take well to being a rag doll. It was not long before he realized the Storm was picking up. "Great, when it rains it pours" Indy muttered then surprised himself yelling, "I'm not done yet!" Indy turned back down hill and stumbled. He just didn't pick his foot up quite enough, maybe it got caught on a branch and head over heels he rolled. “UGH, AH, OH!” He got up and whispered feebly but angrily, "I'm NOT done YET!"
Indy looked to the top of the mountain which had thrown almost everything at had almost defeated him. "Be careful where you step Jones", he could hear the sarcastic but sweet voice ringing in his ears. "Marion?" Indy shook his head, remembering the cadence of her voice and words from long ago. “Get a hold of yourself. This is not my life flashing before my eyes”, but he wondered for a moment, why he had heard Marion.
Indy was snapped back to reality as he saw a large patch of snow shake and fall. Too small to be a person he started towards it. A small black paw, stark contrast against the pristine white blanket dug its way through the top level. A bear cub! Indy's smile faded quickly as the mound behind it shook violently and Mother Bear erupted from her buried den. The avalanche was enough to wake them, want of air enough to scare them and my wonderful odor was clear if not over ripe: a hot meal! The Mother was on two legs bellowing and barring teeth large enough to belong in a museum! "Holy...Smokey" Indy said. Indy grabbed his whip; it had taken a beating saving his life not long ago and was almost in tatters. Indy swung his whip around and its motion stole the bear’s attention away, she swung her paws in unison with the fluid motion of the energy transfer, almost hypnotized. "Where are the bad guys when you need them?" Indy thought.

And then CRACK! Indy got one close enough and Mother Bear reached out enough to catch one on the soft side of her paw. GROWL- ROOARRR! "Nice job Indy" but it was Marion's voice he pecked himself with. This spurred Indy, (Crack-Crack) and the whip broke the skin across her nose as the last two feet of the whip came off and startled the bear landing on her face. Compounding the searing pain, shock and surprise, after all the bear was no friend of snakes either, was Indy himself, howling and screaming. The exertion of cracking the whip overcoming the adrenaline as the pain in his side finally put him on his knees. That was that. It was over; he looked at his gun and thought about the size of the bear, “Even if I could get a clean shot...” Indy looked up and left, then right. He could just make out the Bear and two cubs lumbering but quickly through what remained of the forest. Ha! Ha ha ha! Indy started to chuckle and it grew into a laugh and into a deep belly laug---Owwww! Indy's side was killing him! He slowly stood, and reverently collected the end of his whip. He wondered if this was it for him too when he heard a low distant rumbling...
"What now?" But this wasn't a sound like the others. Growing steadily and constant Indy's eyes lit. "A train? No. Indy looked up, in the sky and saw a bird. A plane? No. Indy smirked at a long buried memory. The engine’s echo finally gave up its direction. “A CAR!" About a hundred yards away and coming closer Indy could make out the shape of," a TRUCK!" It seemed to carve its way through the white sheet, but Indy knew he would have to be MUCH closer to make out the roadway. "A ROAD!" Indy felt new life as he leaped and bounded through the snow. The Flatbed pick up was having some trouble, or was it the driver, and they would never see him OR hear him in the weather. Indy looked to the right and there was: an outcropping of rock, a high wall which he might get to and signal the driver.

If not for the snow the speeding truck would have come to its final crumpled end many times over. Whoever it was, they were in a hurry and Indy was about to further complicate their day. “No” Indy thought as he realized, “no, he was supposed to go the other way!” No sooner did Indy recognize the truck and driver he saw the red sedan, (doing no better on the road) he noticed the truck was careening towards the only hard surface near the road within sight! “Oh boy” Indy winced as the truck barely avoided a short stop, but still smashed the wall. Indy, just reaching the brink, was torn between preparing to jump and bracing for impact when the truck grazed the outcropping and helped the ice send Indy slipping off the edge.

No cat, but one life closer to nine, Indy landed on his back in the bed of the pick up a foot of snow making this his softest landing of the day. It took a moment but he rolled over and promised himself he would spend the next year teaching, “no more adventures!” and added, “still have to get out of this mess.” He got up and scrambled over the side, the impact had gotten his old friend to slow down if nothing else. He opened the driver side door and saw the closest thing to surprise on Grey Clouds face he would ever see. “Move!” Indy yelled angrily, “slide over! Come on, come on!” “Grey Cloud stammered, "but you were…” Indy cut him off pushing the pipe into his hands, “Yeah, yeah I know…and you were supposed to be leading them the other way!” “I was” Grey Cloud countered. Indy threw a thumb up between them pointing behind them, “the OTHER, other way! Grey Cloud examined the pipe and replied, The Great Spirit guides! For four hundred years my people…” The truck swerved violently cutting off Grey Cloud’s veneration and he almost fell into Indy’s lap. “Good lord! This isn’t how you said it would be…” Grey Cloud exclaimed. Indy replied, “I got it back for you didn’t I?”
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