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Originally Posted by Le Saboteur
There are several points in the world that can be considered to be the "Axis of the World," but perhaps none more so than Mt. Kailash in Western Tibet.
Sounds good, Sir Sab. I think many people would like to see Indy back in that part of the world.

Another good, snow-bound idea could be mined from the largely-forgotten, 1974 Disney movie, "The Island at the Top of the World". It's a Jules Verne-esque story about explorers searching for The Whale's Graveyard in the Arctic and encounter a lost, Viking civilization. Great adventure flick with only very, small doses of kiddie humour.

For those who may wish to see the film and not spoil anything for themselves, I've blackened out the text.

Anyway, there is a cool scene where the heroes are trying to evade the Vikings in pursuit and find an opening in the ground. They climb down a massive ice formation into the bowels of the earth where they find a subterranean river which they follow along a ledge. The river finishes into a huge whirlpool at the dead end of the tunnel and they become trapped. The glacial formation they climbed down evenutally shatters & collapses down into the river so that the ice shards temporarily form a dam, cutting off the flow of water. The riverbed goes dry and the whirlpool drains away. Before the dam can burst, the heroes make their way down into the empty whirlpool cavity and escape through an opening below!

A fitting scenario for someone with Indy's miraculous luck!
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