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I ran across this sweet baby in a documentary about monster trucks, of all things. It's a U.S. military arctic vehicle called a LCC-1, also known as the Sno Train:

The big rolling sections could make a decent action set-piece!

In the past if you had needed to transport massive loads to some of the most inhospitable places on earth you could rely on the creative Texan concern of RG LeTourneau.
This firm made load carrying 'truck trains' of up to 572ft long that could cope with Arctic cold or blazing desert heat.

They went into production in 1956, and remained in service until 1962.


This was an amazing machine: gas-turbine-electric hybrid drive, 150-ton payload, a crew of six provided with bridge, bunkhouse, and galley and a self-tracking steering system. Additional power cars and cargo cars could be added as needed

Also, while searching for the appropriate thread for the above vehicle, I found this post I made in another thread over 2 years ago, but it belongs here more than it does there:

Originally Posted by Indy's brother
While nothing can beat the russian aero-sled, there is another experimental soviet vehicle that offers a little bizarre visual pizzaz and potential for the gory demise of evil henchmen/soldiers:

(This one is from 1970, but read on...)

The GPI-16 for example is circa 1967, according to this page which cites the craft as the inspiration for a remote control toy.

The truth is, Germany, the former Soviet Union, and the US have all dabbled in this technology at some point, beginning with the Germans in as early as 1944.

Here's a link to see one of these bad boys in action. If you actually checked out the video, you'll see that it doesn't look as retarded while it's actually moving. Well, you might think so, but I don't.

Here is a short but very informative summary of these vehicles along with pics and videos.
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