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Originally Posted by Lao_Che
I'll appreciate the father/son relationship aswell. It's the main issue of Winds of Change but you see insights across the other episodes about how their relationship works, some you've pointed out.

This is just my interpretation but Henry Jones's problem is that he can't show Indy that cares about him. And he does in Travels with Father. When Indy runs away (the time his mother scolds him aswell. Hm...) "I just want him back!" And when they are reunited his chance of showing it is destroyed when he's distracted by Tolstoy.

Obviously he does again when they hug in Greece. And I think you see, off-screen, another "I just want him back!" when he writes to Professor Levi (if I'm remembering it right) to say Indy doesn't have to attend Princeton.

Then there's "Because I know it's what your mother would have liked." Suuure, mother. "And I never told him anything. I just wasn't ready, Marcus."

Anna Jones on the other hand is a deceptive.. person.

To get a bit Freudian...

I see the relationship as that of a Victorian father and a twentieth century boy. Henry Sr strikes me as someone who didn't have a very close relationship with his own father, so he doesn't really know to deal with Indy. Most of the time everything is formal and proper, but occasionally, his defence breaks down and he's able to become a real father. His refusal to open up and accept the difference between himself and Indy is as much about Henry Sr's inadequacies as it is about Indy's rebellious nature.

Winds of Change was pretty powerful - you feel like shouting at the screen for Henry Sr. to do something positive to stop the inevitable.

Watching the relationship develop and collapse throughout 'Young Indiana Jones' really sets up the believability of the conflict and reconciliation of Last Crusade.
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