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Originally Posted by Raiders112390
Here is exactly how I remember it:
The screen had black bars at the bottom until the "SA, 1936" bit and then after, the black bars receded a fair amount, making the screen area appear wider. It could be the reverse (I am dealing with memories that go back almost 20 years) but in either case, at that exact point, the black bars went away. It seemed like the screen adjusting itself. I had the Complete Adventures set (which numbered TOD to LC as Chapters 22-24) which came with the YIJC Treasure of the Peacock's Eye if that helps.
Thanks for the info. It does help a great deal, actually, and has helped me narrow down the aspect change to a couple of reasons:
1. Some of the "Complete Adventures" sets had short little ads playing before the film started. If these had the stereotypical "black bars" seen with widescreen, perhaps a technical screwup caused them to remain in the first few minutes of Raiders. This seems less likely then my second theory, which I think is most likely the correct one.
2. Your TV screen was adjusting itself to accommodate for the film. If the transition looked more mechanical (which is what I derived from your description), it's most likely that your TV and the tape might have been adjusting to allow the video to be played.
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