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Originally Posted by Raiders112390
I had the Complete Adventures set (which numbered TOD to LC as Chapters 22-24) which came with the YIJC Treasure of the Peacock's Eye if that helps.
The 1999 VHS releases offered the trilogy in FULLSCREEN (yellow boxes) or WIDESCREEN (burgundy boxes). The bundle that included "Peacock" was the FULLSCREEN SET so your VHS box for "Raiders" was yellow, right?

Therefore, it was a 'pan & scan' version. Let's repeat what Attila already pointed out:
Originally Posted by Attila the Professor
Do you think there's any chance that it's effectively the reverse, that this version showed the credits in the full, widescreen aspect ratio, but that it switched to pan-and-scan/fullscreen as they ended?
Right. This was such a common trait of TV/VHS 'pan-and-scan' cuts of older widescreen films. They started with the full picture in "letterbox" (or, more often, horizontally "squished"), then the image stretched out to fill the entire 4:3 screen...while the rest of the film was cropped from that point onward (until the end credits). Usually, the ratio switched at the earliest, title-less shot. If an opening was too lengthy, the picture woud be zoomed in. (Hello, Cinerama.)

In '99, I bought the WIDESCREEN trilogy because I already had the original VHS releases (+ "Peacock" from TV) so this is just an educated guess.

Unlike this:

Originally Posted by TheFirebird1
Well, to answer your question, throughout all the times I've seen Raiders I've never seen this aspect change.
I think it could've been something with your tape, however, because after scouring YouTube for a version of the opening scene from the 99 VHS, there was no aspect ratio change.
Odd. I've never heard of (or seen) this happen before on any version of Raiders that I've watched (even the 1999 version where the aspect ratio changed for you).
New theory: Perhaps it was your TV that contributed to the effect, as none of the VHS tapes I've seen have this particular feature.
Thanks for the info. It does help a great deal, actually, and has helped me narrow down the aspect change to a couple of reasons:
1. Some of the "Complete Adventures" sets had short little ads playing before the film started. If these had the stereotypical "black bars" seen with widescreen, perhaps a technical screwup caused them to remain in the first few minutes of Raiders. This seems less likely then my second theory, which I think is most likely the correct one.
2. Your TV screen was adjusting itself to accommodate for the film. If the transition looked more mechanical (which is what I derived from your description), it's most likely that your TV and the tape might have been adjusting to allow the video to be played.

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