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Originally Posted by Stoo
In '99, I bought the WIDESCREEN trilogy because I already had the original VHS releases (+ "Peacock" from TV) so this is just an educated guess.

Unlike this:

Belloq: "Please, sit down before you fall down."

And as for "educated":
Originally Posted by Stoo
If an opening was too lengthy, the picture woud be zoomed in.
Originally Posted by Stoo
Someone's had a bit too much to drink at the bar, my friend .
In all honesty, though, I think you're great, man. Fun fact: Your Raiders of the Lost Archives vid actually helped introduce me to the Raven a few years back (before I joined). That doesn't mean I won't have my fun, though.
Originally Posted by Finn
A modern-day "smart" TV may contain technology that automatically adjusts the aspect ratio to do away with the black bars. But if we're talking about a TV set that is roughly as old as the tapes themselves (which can, to a degree, be assumed from the way the question is presented), I can assure you that none of those archaic things that were little more than CRTs in a box had that kind of feature.
Mea maxima culpa. I'll be the first to admit that I'm ignorant when dealing with some older tech, and I haven't used an old box-TV (or VHS, for that matter) in what seems like forever. If the TV is an old 4:3 (which Raiders stated), then it doesn't have that type of feature.
I always assumed that the old ones could adjust themselves, from what I remember, but at this point I'm probably starting to conflate a lot of things (even the boxset I had was relatively new).
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