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Oh my god! those KOTCS transcripts are pretty disturbing, it seems like kasdan is the only one who really had a clue . And really is spielberg that retarded??? ("Drawing Boobs on napkin" knocking over llamas") George Lucas and Steven Spielberg both sound like they're on drugs in this session. I used to look up to these men but I guess it goes to show you everyone in hollywood is a perverted money loving racist retard that can do a nice job of seeming interested on the special features discs who got lucky. No wonder they don't have this session for download. I mean it really makes me mad that they didn't take KOTCS more seriously. If that's the way they work now days then I guess it will be a blessing if we don't get indy five. What will they put in that pie throwing contests and clowns beating people up along with the return of short round (whose character they will forever soil) to draw in all the fans. Oh yeah I can't wait! Dear god please let all of this be a joke!
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