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Originally Posted by Jorbex
Is there really an answer to the truck question? (or maybe I should ask, does it really matter? ) What really intrigues is why there's still so much controversy regarding the Toht/Not Toht question. I thought it was conclusively determined that Ronald Lacey did not play the Nazi Spy, and really, there's nothing to indicate it's the same man, besides both wearing a hat and glasses (which are shaped differently, btw). But that's just me!

I suppose there is an answer to the truck question, but no one knows what it is. That's why there is a debate about it. I haven't gotten any response - I think it's actually more of a car enthusiast question than an Indy enthusiast question. But, Eddie brought it up and it has been debated on the web, so I introduced the question.

As for Toht or not Toht, I'm convinced that it wasn't him. It's so fascinating to me that half the people who have responded still think it was Toht on the plane. The arguments for it being someone else are much more solid than the ones for it being him. But, not everyone agrees. I guess short of Lucas or Spielberg responding to the poll with a definitive answer, this will never be settled. And something tells me that they won't be emailing me about it any time soon!
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