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Mississippi Symphony Orchestra

The Mississippi Symphony Orchestra moves into the Jackson Convention Complex's Trustmark Ballroom for a new twist on the opening concert of its Pops series.

Taking its cue from the famous Boston Pops, the MSO is offering this concert of composer John Williams' movie themes with table seating and food and beverage service options.
"When we were invited to play for the opening of the convention center, we realized how well the orchestra would work in there and we'd been looking for a way to do this kind of concert," said Michael Beattie, MSO president and executive director.
Movie magic: "It's perfect for this kind of pops concert ... all the music of John Williams. People don't realize how extensive his movie credits are. The list just goes on forever."
Selections include Jaws, Jurassic Park, E.T., Schindler's List, Catch Me If You Can, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Harry Potter, Far and Away and more.
"What's wonderful about it is that it's first-rate orchestral music ... very challenging for the orchestra and rewarding to play as well as to listen to."
Concessions, such as wine, beer, coffee and soft drinks, snacks, Venetian desserts, fruit and cheese and pita points with hummus, will be available for purchase in the lobby. Patrons may want to arrive early for sufficient time to purchase concessions and find seating within their section (sections divided by tickets prices of $40, $30, $25, $20 and $15). Seating is at tables of 10. Two intermissions also provide time for concessions and to visit with tablemates, both old friends and new.
It'll have a relaxed, almost picnic-type air, indoors.
"Imagine going to a concert and rather than sitting in a conventional auditorium seat, you're sitting in a chair with a round table having refreshments while you enjoy the concert - it's that kind of feel," said Dr. Quinton Dickerson, MSO board member who's been to the Boston Pops before.
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