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Temple Raider, please answer this question: WHEN were you born? (This information will really help me to communicate with you.) If your first time seeing "Crusade' was on the USA network when you were 8 or 9 (and you didn't know that a 3rd Indiana Jones film existed before that), then you certainly could not have seen the original broadcast of "Making of Star Wars" on TV.

Now that you've been told about the origin of Indy's name & the inside joke in "Crusade", is the dog-name still so bizarre?

Hate to break it to you, Temple Raider, but your reasons toward why "Crusade" is inferior are pretty lame. Correct me if I'm wrong but, according to you, the film wasn't that great because Indy's dad wasn't a two-fisted, fightin', duplicate of his own son.

For me, "Last Crusade" was disappointing because it was, essentially, a re-hash of "Raiders".
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