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Originally Posted by Temple Raider
Sorry I overlooked the question, I was born in 1987. I recall I first caught TLC on the USA network probably around 1995 or 1996.
Thanks for the clarification, Temple Raider! I really like to know who I'm talking to. (Blind conversation is frustrating, in my opinion.)
Originally Posted by Temple Raider
And actually my reasons for finding TLC to be an inferior film to the rest doesn't have much to do with Henry, Sr. at all, I even said I really like his character. I just felt he had some goofy moments his character would've been better without. I wasn't expecting him to be a total copy of Indy and didn't even want him to be, I just expected him to be a more serious and stern character. Hope this clarifies everything. I probably should've just been a bit more detailed and thorough.
Yeah, detail helps so your explanation lets us know where you're coming from. My previous remark was because you wrote that Henry's actions weren't right for the character. What I didn't realize at the time was that you were talking about YOUR idea of the character.
Originally Posted by Temple Raider
Other problems I have with it is that is also lacks the feeling of danger and peril ROTLA and TOD both have in spades that helps to make them that much more exciting and thrilling, a lot of the humorous moments are silly and take me out of the film sometimes.
Agreed. There is too much humour during the action parts.

For me, the worst parts of the film are the boat-chopping sequence with the ship's propellor (so embarassingly bad) and the part where Indy suddenly becomes free from being caught on the tank's side cannon. Upon seeing that cannon bit back in '89, I said to my girlfriend-at-the-time, "This is sh*t!". Truth be told, it was sh*t then and still is now.

I also hated/loathed/despised the existence & inclusion of the Grail Knight. (I've seen photos of DORKS dressed up as this character and don't understand why they decide to do it.)
Originally Posted by Temple Raider
And as I also said, I really dislike the revelation how Indy stole his look from the explorer at the beginning. It just cheapens his character to me, to think his famous look with the fedora and jacket was something he stole from someone else.
The beginning of "Crusade" has never bothered me. I actually LOVE it, simply because of the amazing music.
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