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Originally Posted by replican't
Read my posts above - I say far more than just 'KOCS is crap'. My language is far more obscene and colourful than that.

I think you'd be better served, timewise, if you devoted less attention to me and more to things that actually mean something. Because my view on an Indiana Jones forum, no matter how often I make it or how bitterly - is pretty worthless in the scheme of things.

Back on topic, anyone else find the 'comedy' in Last Crusade far too broad and unfocused? The movie would be better served with more restraint and a darker tone.

Agreed. LC's comedy is way over the top. I think tbe series took a horrible turn at that point. I also believe it is to blame for the problems in CS as well. CS and LC are not at all as good as tbe first two.
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