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Originally Posted by ninepinejones
Hey roundshort you ever have mead? Its honey wine and its damn good, its hard to find in the states though. i once was back packing through scotland and stopped at a dark ravenesque pub and asked the young barmaid if she had any mead. She looked around as if she was new to the place and after scoping said she did not think so, at that moment my spidey sense went off and I spied an old dusty bottle wrapped with a sailers rope and titled Mead in celtic scroll across the top. I salivated and she proceeded to get a rolling latter out and fetch the bottle, she then grabbed two glasses for my girlfriend and I and starts to pour the dark thick honey wine , I nod to her and cheers my girlfriend as I sip the sweet dank brew, just then an old fellow comes out of the kitchen and walks past, and suddenly stops,looks back at the bottle and drops his jaw. In a scotish brogue he asks where did that come from and then looks at the empty spot on the shelf,the barmaid looks terrified,he then asks how it tastes and I answer "the best mead Ive ever had" and then he proceeds to tell me that it should be because that bottle came with the pub when he bought it 27 years ago! The previous owner had had it for who knows how long. He grabbed the bottle and headed off to finish it off in the back. We finished our glasses and paid only 5 pounds with the ok from the owner and stumbled off into the night. That night we passed out in a farmers field only to awake to the sound of a huge bull stomping its hooves and snorting outside our tent, which was pitched in the bulls domain. How we got out of that one? well thats another story!cheers

Ah yes, Mead. I have a good friend who, and yes I am not lying, has a masters in fermention science, he is a brewmaster (he did all the Anderson Valley beer res.) and a winemaker. He is gettign married this summer and has spent a ton of time making a great mead, as it is a traditional wedding berverage. There is a lot of mead inthe states, but the packaging usually looks better than the beverage inthe bottle!

Great Story! I am glad you escaped the bull and lived to write about it! And let that be a lesson, if you don't mind your good bottles, someone else will drink 'em!

Thans NPJones!
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