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This is a show I quite enjoyed since it was indylike. Years later they were shooting something in the park near me (in Toronto Canada) so I decided to stop in and see what was going on. It took me a while to figure things out but I suddenly recognized Bruce Boxleitner who was part of the scene. It was late at night so no many were around but I went hom and get a Bring em back alive book I own. I worked my way close to where he was sitting and at the right time I went up to him and he was kind enough to sign the book for me. The book was from the 40s and was an original paperback and he seemed intrigued by it. He said he had a similar book somewhere. He was sitting and mentioned his bad knee because of shows like that one. The PA came up to shoo me away but because he was ok with me there she backed off. Nice guy. The book is actually one of my favorite items because it was such an unexpected random meeting.
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