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Originally Posted by Avilos
I imagine a movie showing these elements was a priority before production ended.

They should have ditched the Hollywood Follies idea and made the "Indy meets Abner" and/or the "Indy meets Belloq" episodes that were planned.

Originally Posted by Avilos
Of all those 4 movies its the one that covers the most ground.

Don't forget Travels with Father!

Originally Posted by Matinee Idyll
As it stands, the series finishes with Hollywood Follies, right? Talk about ending on a downer.

Yep. The least Lucas could have done is switched it around to be before "Mystery of the Blues", because Ford's cameo, combined with our first glimpse of the University of Chicago, would have made for another satisfacory ending, given what was made. Maybe the real-world events of Hollywood Follies dictated where the movie could be plaed in the timeline.
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